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 Essentially, the work has already started – with you recognising the need for help, then searching and selecting one or more therapists to ‘check out’. Next comes the courageous step of making contact.

Your concern/s and distress may include:

your relationship with your partner… intimacy issues

your relationship with parent/s, with children, with friends, with colleagues

disturbing feelings: of depression – disconnection – helplessness – abandonment –  ‘something’s missing’ – disappointment – of let down/betrayal 

 overwhelming feelings: of anxiety – grief – jealousy – rage – anger – guilt – shame 

compulsive / addictive / out-of-control behaviours: eating – starving – spending – hoarding – gambling – work/busyness – self-harming

dislike / disgust of your body

experience of abuse: in childhood, in adulthood: emotional – physical – sexual 

suicidal thoughts

separation from either or both parents in childhood: due to death – to divorce – to adoption – to fostering – to being in care – to imprisonment – to being sent to Boarding School

separation from children: due to death – to divorce – to adoption – to fostering – to having children in care – to imprisonment – to selecting Boarding School

My aim is to help you know better what’s happening, how you feel and what you need and want in order to live more satisfyingly – and at the same time recognising and respecting fear and resistance to this very process of exploring more deeply, however this may manifest. This way of working is collaborative and based on the quality of the clearly-boundaried therapeutic relationship that grows between us.

Becoming more self-aware is empowering and fosters a sense of inner security and resource. Confidence to negotiate and set boundaries increases. Clearer connection with your feelings, needs and wants promotes a stronger sense of your self, together with a more secure sense of belonging and connection with others – a way towards feeling more alive, more ‘in’ the world.

My session fees are £65. Concessionary rates can be discussed.


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 I have trained with Babette Rothschild (author of The Body Remembers, Norton 2000) in Trauma Therapy and work with clients to resolve and integrate past traumatic experiences that, left unresolved, continue to interfere with the present and inhibit a sense of full ‘aliveness’.


A traumatic experience, in whatever form, is one in which someone experiences what’s happening – whether a single event or an on-going situation – as life-threatening, and/or witnesses threat to life of another. Symptoms of stress arise in the aftermath if physiological arousal needed to activate the Fight or Flight response is neither discharged nor returns to balance (‘relaxed alertness’ as opposed to ‘hyper-vigilance’).

High-arousal body sensations, long-term and relentless become debilitating, and account for many strategies that attempt to escape or numb them. Addictions and obsessive/compulsive behaviours, as well as much unexplained physical pain, explosions of rage or chronic anxiety, can be understood as signposts to unresolved trauma – experiences that remain split-off and ‘forgotten’.

The factor common to all trauma experience is terror and helplessness; in the aftermath guilt, shame and distrust can turn the experience into a secret hard to share.

I offer respectful, non-invasive attention, working to empower clients to soothe heightened arousal and build resources, to identify patterns and strategies that once served survival but now prolong suffering, and carefully facilitate the process of remobilising and discharging constricted energies – replacing helplessness with empowerment.