Referendum result – symptoms of PTSD

The Tory leadership, both ‘sides’, have done a good job in splitting the nation into ‘goodies and baddies’ (think Wars of the Roses), an end game for each and every one, losers as well as winners, as a way of projecting their internal splitting – within the party and within themselves, ever since having to[…]

‘Trauma, Abandonment and Privilege – a therapeutic guide to working with boarding school survivors’ (Routledge, 2016), by Nick Duffell and Thurstine Bassett. A review by Jane Barclay.

Following on from Nick Duffell’s pioneering book The Making of Them (Lone Arrow Press, 2000), Trauma, Abandonment and Privilege is a must-have addition to the toolkit of every therapist who has worked, is working or may work with clients in connection with Boarding School – which is almost inevitable, even if the connection is outside[…]

Boarding School – Sunday outings

Using a birthday-present voucher for Afternoon Tea in a Devon ‘country house hotel’ activates memories of precious but fraught Sunday outings. The need to ‘look nice’, the urge to eat as much as possible but without looking greedy, what to talk about…  Log fires, oak-panelled hallways, sumptuous sofas – luxuriously comfortable yet NOT HOME. Breakfast, elevenses,[…]

Therapy Today, Dec ’15

Reading Frances Bernstein’s letter in the November issue of Therapy Today about the importance of personal therapy – ‘in my view having had personal therapy is as important as ongoing supervision for working in depth’ – I would add that in-depth personal work is integral not only to both counselling and psychotherapy training but to continuing personal[…]

Christmas – addiction and suffering

Let’s go back a little – to the Victorian era when romanticism was at its height. When Christmas came to be depicted in a rosy haze of sparkle that over decades has become not just an expectation but a ‘must-have’, persuading people to ‘buy into’ (literally) the lie that spending more and eating more is the[…]