Referendum result – symptoms of PTSD

The Tory leadership, both ‘sides’, have done a good job in splitting the nation into ‘goodies and baddies’ (think Wars of the Roses), an end game for each and every one, losers as well as winners, as a way of projecting their internal splitting – within the party and within themselves, ever since having to split off their Inner Self for protection as school boys.

Power is sought by anyone split off from the Self, to be gained by any means, sometimes at whatever cost. Desperate for identity, a sense of power has been the end game for every player in this latest game in which the voters are but toys: how clever to ‘make us feel’ their despair, their anger, their powerlessness. This is how abuse gets dumped, when left unaddressed. This is what happens on a wider scale when symptoms of PTSD get ignored over generations (think WW1).

How privileged I feel to meet with clients courageous enough to address the dilemma between needs for belonging and connection with others and terror of the very same. When terror wins, the loss is immense – as we’re about to discover. When connection is made, to one’s inner self and thence with the wider world, rewards are plentiful.


June 24th 2016


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