current evidence of ‘wounded leadership’

ENOUGH – of the widely-held belief that Boris and team are ‘privileged’, whether despised, envied or revered. The misconception actually allows these ‘weapons of mass destruction’ to do their worst. True, they present as arrogant, obviously lacking in ability or desire to co-operate, negotiate and communicate, with no respect for each other let alone anyone else.  But this inherent narcissism and sociopathology has grown from an upbringing far from privileged, education system included. Ricocheting between dog-eats-dog boarding schools and stiff-upper-lip homes, each ‘posh boy’ you see in Parliament learned at just seven or eight years old to trick himself into believing he was important. The alternative? To be not distinguishable, just a number in grey flannels – or top hat and tails – with not enough food, a bed in a row, or in a solitary ‘cell’ (study), and nil attention unless top at something. Or bottom.

I suspect Boris’ core agenda is to be not-forgotten, within covers of a book or two,as his compatriots of ‘Poshland’ before him. Famous, infamous, hero, villain – any character will do, regardless off cost to others.

To understand the pathology, far from making allowances or excuses, is a resource that saves the pain and futility of going head-to-head. To move beyond the cycle of envy and denigration means seeing through and shedding generational denial regarding the suffering of children living year after year without being loved.  How else might the vulnerable boy within each treble-thickness-armoured man be reached? Or if unreachable, contained – in the name of safety, of damage-limitation.


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